Staffordshire County Council  – Carers Strategy  – Become involved

Every day, thousands of people across the county provide unpaid care for someone who matters to them.

Staffordshire County Council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Staffordshire have put together a draft strategy for carers, which sets out our priorities. They would like to hear from carers and professionals what they think of the proposed strategy, and if there is anything else we need to consider.

The responses that people give us through this survey will remain anonymous. They will help to decide priorities for carers’ services in Staffordshire.  This is a great opportunity for people to make their views known, help all agencies involved with carers to identify what works well, and what potentially could be done better.

They have developed two questionnaires; one for carers (including young carers) and one for professionals and other stakeholders. The questions are straightforward, and the survey only takes a few minutes to complete.  The survey will be open until July 22 2019, to give people the best opportunity to respond.

They want to reach as many carers, young carers and professionals as possible, so they would be grateful if you could share the links to these surveys with your networks and encourage them to respond.  They want to be sure we are getting the fullest picture we can of the caring experience in Staffordshire, which will help Staffordshire County Council and other organisations to work better together.

Link for the questionnaire for carers (including young carers:

Link for the questionnaire for professionals and stakeholders:

You can also email your views to

You can also request a paper copy of the survey vie the email or by telephoning 01785 278989

The draft strategy can be found on the following link: