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During the Coronavirus outbreak, Healthwatch Staffordshire staff followed guidance and operated from home locations. Now the Coronavirus outbreak rules have been relaxed we will again be engaging communities face to face and want to hear the your views on health and social care. 


Healthwatch Staffordshire – change of Provider

Healthwatch Staffordshire provides an independent voice to ensure the views of patients and their loved ones are considered by decision-makers.

Now, Healthwatch Staffordshire is now being delivered by Support Staffordshire, which for many years has supported the county’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. See more at



Your views matter


The Long Term Plan sets out what the NHS wants to do better, including:


  • Making it easier for people to access support closer to home and via technology
  • Doing more to help people stay well
  • Providing better support for people with cancer, mental health conditions, heart and lung diseases, long-term conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, learning disabilities and autism, and for people as they get older and experience conditions such as dementia.


Your local NHS needs to hear from you about what it should do to make care better for your community.


Share your views and help make care better.