Answer the call if contacted by Test and Trace


People in Staffordshire are being urged to answer the call and follow the advice if contacted by NHS Test and Trace on 0300 013 5000.

Now lockdown measures have eased further and businesses such as pubs and hairdressers have reopened, residents are being asked to play their part and follow the NHS test and trace advice to prevent outbreaks of Covid-19 in Staffordshire.

The key test and trace advice is:

  • self-isolate and book a test immediately if you have Covid-19 symptoms; a new continuous cough, high temperature or the loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • if you test positive for the virus, you must alert the NHS to the people you have had close contact with for longer than 15 minutes and the places you have visited
  • if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace because you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you must self-isolate for 14 days, whether you have symptoms or not

Staffordshire County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health and Care, Alan White, said:

“We’re relying on everyone to play their part, particularly now lockdown is lifting and more businesses in Staffordshire are opening their doors to the public again.

“If you are contacted by the NHS on 0300 013 5000, please do not ignore the call or block the number. It is extremely important that you answer and follow the advice given to you by the contact tracers.”

Alan also stressed the importance of continued handwashing and social distancing in the battle against coronavirus.

He said: “When you’re out visiting shops and businesses, meeting friends in the pub or using public transport, it is vital that you continue to keep your distance–that’s two metres where possible and one metre plus where extra safety measures are in place, and make sure you wash your hands regularly while out and when you get home.”

Staffordshire County Council is working closely with Public Health England, the NHS and District and Borough Councils to manage any outbreaks and recently published its COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan, which details the measures in place to swiftly identify, contain and stop any local outbreaks across the county.

A copy of the plan can be found on the county council’s website.

8 Responses to “Answer the call if contacted by Test and Trace”

  1. Chris Bailey

    I’ve done my part and isolated since testing positive. I’m on my penultimate day now and every time they call, (3 now so far) it is like a tick box exercise. Not once have I been asked how I’m feeling, they phone you up to basically read you your rights.. and at 8am each time no less… I’m ill and trying to sleep..I actually think they come across as quite rude and dismissive at times. It would be nice if it wasn’t so impersonal.

    • Karren

      Hi Chris
      I am sorry you have received a poor service from Test and Trace especially when you are ill and trying to recover.
      If there is any more we can do here at Healthwatch for you please call us or respond to this message again.

      I hope you have now recovered from Covid 19.
      Best wishes

    • Zebun patel

      Receiving numerous calls and either someone’s laughing and cutting off, or they are asking 1 personal identity question and then cutting off. Very dubious and unsafe and I’d appreciate them not calling, especially when we’re sick and trying to rest. Constant calls at inappropriate times. On the landline and mobile. 7/8pm. Its unacceptable and like the above comments, yes they come across rude. On one call, the guy called gabor had to think before saying his name, like he was checking in a system. Felt very suspicious. Won’t be answering the calls. We all know what precautions we need to take when testing positive. And we take necessary measure. We don’t need rude people ringing at inappropriate times being silly, and getting paid to give basic advice when we could be resting. Please please stop

  2. Andy

    I notice the article says
    if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace because you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you must self-isolate for 14 days, whether you have symptoms or not.
    Is this correct?
    I was contacted by T&T and it gave me 10 days on the app.

    • Karren

      Hi Andy
      Thankyou for your message.
      You are quite correct. At the time of the article the Government advice for test and trace was 14 days.
      This was reduced to 10 days later on in 2020.
      Thank you for pointing this out, I will ensure the information is changed.


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