Coronvirus – A guide for vulnerable people in Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent – How to get help

Do you need help from our volunteers?

We know that there will be people in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent who are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus (Covid-19). If you are included in this group, you should have received a letter from the NHS asking you to stay at home and avoid face-to-face contact for at least 12 weeks. This may mean that you will need extra support during this time. This might be for things such as travelling to appointments or collecting prescriptions and medicines. Alternatively, you might need help with shopping, or even a friendly voice to talk to.

We know there are other people who will not have received a letter but are vulnerable too, for example people who are staying at home because they have symptoms of coronavirus, are over 70, have a pre-existing health condition or are pregnant and do not have  a friend, relative or neighbour who can help.

Here is a list of useful contact, should you need help:

Residents living in Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent City Council and voluntary sector organisation, VAST, have launched the #StokeonTrentTogether scheme. This will help with things such as prescription collection, food parcels, gas or electricity meter top-up, conversations and dog walking. If you need help, please call 0800 561 5610 or complete this online form. Please note, this service will operate seven days a week from 9am until 5pm.

Residents living in Staffordshire

If you have received a letter from the NHS confirming that you are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus and you need support, please contact the NHS Volunteer Responders helpline on 0800 028 8327. If you do not fall into this group but are self-isolating and need our help, please call the Staffordshire County Council emergency helpline on 0300 111 8050. We can arrange to supply you with emergency food and care. There are lots of different organisations, including your local council, within communities that are supporting people all across Staffordshire. You can find out information about the support groups available via Staffordshire Connects. Many of these groups meet virtually and can offer support. In addition to this, you can take a look at our Coronavirus Kindness campaign to find out how you can get help, or how you can do your bit.

NHS Volunteer Responders

You will have seen in the news that the government recently called for 250,000 volunteers from local communities to sign up to become NHS Volunteer Responders.  The response to this has been staggering. If you are vulnerable and would like to access this service, you should:

Diseases and conditions considered to be very high risk.

  1. People who have received a solid organ transplant
  2. People with specific cancers:
  • who are undergoing active chemotherapy or radical radiotherapy for lung cancer
  • who are at any stage of treatment for cancers of the blood or bone marrow such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma
  • who are having immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments for cancer
  • who are having other targeted cancer treatments which can affect the immune system, such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors
  • who have had bone marrow or stem cell transplants in the last six months, or who are still taking immunosuppression drugs.
  1. People with severe respiratory conditions including all cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and severe COPD3.
  2. People on immunosuppression therapies sufficient to significantly increase risk of infection
  3. People who are pregnant with significant heart disease – congenital or acquired.
  4. People with rare diseases and inborn errors of metabolism that significantly increase the risk of infections (such as SCID, homozygous sickle cell)

4 Responses to “Coronvirus – A guide for vulnerable people in Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent – How to get help”

  1. Marie Meszaros

    How can i apply for help ,while I’m shielding ,when I havnt received a letter ,i have respitory problems ,,the respitory nurse said to ring the number to register ,and the doctor said yesterday try it again well it just cuts me off. I was told there was some where to ring if I run out of essential items ,food or toilet rolls ,but can’t find any where,I guess its become normal to run out of bread and milk for 2 or 3 days .I still can’t get online shopping

    • Karren

      Hello Marie
      Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling.
      Who is your GP?
      If you need medical help then please ring 111.
      You can also contact “”

      Healthwatch Staffordshire

  2. Dawn Gosling

    Hi, I’m trying to get some help for my 27 year old son who lives in the Hanley area of Stoke (I live in Cumbria). He lives alone and is currently unwell and waiting for the result of a Covid test – expected Sunday. His gas meter card has failed to register the £50 he put on it so he has no heating or hot water. I think he needs a new card picking up as his current card must be faulty. He would then need to put the card in his meter for 1 minute before going back to the shop to top it up. Obviously at the moment he cannot go out to do this. Are there any support or volunteer organisations locally who would be able to help him please?

    • Karren

      Hi Dawn
      Thankyou for your enquiry. We do have a Healthwatch specifically for Stoke-on-Trent residents.
      I am going to pass on your details to one of my colleagues there so that they can help you with your query.
      For reference their telephone number is 01782 683080 and you can call this number anytime during opening hours.
      Best wishes


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