Dental services for Asylum seekers and Refugees.

It is very important that patients seeking help do not visit A&E departments or GP surgeries for dental care. Emergency care related to dental issues will only be provided by A&E departments if there are life threating issues such as uncontrollable bleeding, swelling affecting the airways etc. Although Dental Practices are now open, access to routine dental care is extremely limited due to the essential safety measures in place to protect both patients and staff and a reduction in the capacity to treat patients as a result of this. 

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Dental Services for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Aug 20

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  1. Nosrat Fata

    Good afternoon, I am support worker at a IKWRO Women’s refuge. Looking for a dentist who can provide free treatment for a woman who is victim of domestic violence with asylum seeker status. We based in West London.

    I really appreciate if you can come back to me with information.

    Kind Regards,



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