Emergency Services Day (999 Day)


More than 2 million people work and volunteer in the NHS and emergency services, today, including 250,000 first responders. They work in a range of jobs – from answering emergency calls to dealing with administration to practicing medicine, fighting fires, policing the streets and saving lives at sea and on mountains, lowland and in caves!

A 2 minutes silence will beheld at 9am (9th hour, 9th day, 9th month) to remember those NHS and emergency services personnel who have been killed as a result of their service to our nation.

Although confined to certain areas there are many emergency services, not just the ones we see daily. The Emergency services consist of

  •  Police Service
  •  Fire and Rescue Services
  •  Ambulance Services and the NHS
  •  HM Coastguard
  •  Independent Lifeboats and the RNLI
  •  Mountain Rescue
  •  Lowland Rescue
  •  Cave Rescue

Why do we celebrate #999day?

  • Promotes our 999 heroes who serve / have served.
  • Promotes career and volunteer opportunities across the emergency services.
  • Promotes using the emergency services responsibly.
  • Educates the public on essential life-saving skills.
  • Promotes emergency services charities and the work they do.
  • Promotes campaigns being run by frontline emergency services.

Give your support to our amazing heroes.

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