Encourage your school to join the countywide engine switch off


We’re on a mission to get as many school sites as possible in Staffordshire, to sign up to become an anti-idling zone and join us in a county-wide engine switch off!

Poor air quality can seriously aggravate conditions like asthma and it’s responsible for hundreds of deaths a year across Staffordshire. Turning off engines when not in use, can make a big difference to the amount of pollution businesses produce plus, can help to reduce the effects it has on our health.

Find out more about Air Pollution in Staffordshire here, and see what support can be offered to your school.

Do you know that:

  • Staffordshire does have an air pollution problem in some areas
  • it harms us all, but especially our children and causes many health issues
  • idling cars, which means cars that are parked up and stationary, pump out about 150 balloons worth of harmful gas every minute!
  • poor air quality is responsible for 500 deaths in Staffordshire every year
  • idling is the single biggest contributor to poor air pollution outside schools
  • air pollution can be 30% worse outside schools because of idling
  • idling is illegal.

That’s why schools and pupils up and down the county are running the ‘Switch off when you drop off” campaign to encourage parents on the school run to turn their vehicle off when parked and stationary.

There are ways to travel to school without the car, but  if you have to drive,  why not join the pledge to switch off when you drop off and help your child to breathe easier. 

You can contact us for more information by email at

Why we should all be Air Aware 

We haven’t got an air pollution problem, have we?  Unfortunately, we have – air pollution is a problem across the country and there are areas in Staffordshire that breech European safety standards.  

The good news is that we all can do something about it if we just do something small to change how we travel, just one day a week. 

Watch the short video 

Explore what you could do to help and do your bit.


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