Everyone Health Staffordshire offers free Physical Activity classes.



Everyone Health’s comprehensive and totally free 12week physical activity service offered to anyone over the age of 18 and living in the Staffordshire area.

We have a great variety of online virtual classes via zoom such as Pilates, aerobics, dance fit, and Chair based classes as well as many more. We also provide one-to-one tailored support from our Physical Activity instructors over the phone.

Due to the gradual easing of some restrictions, we will shortly be restarting our Health Walks in Staffordshire from Mid-May.

We are also starting some brand new Coach to 5K sessions in targeted areas in Staffordshire from June, perfect for those with a low physical activity level wanting to increase in a supportive group.

If you or anyone you know in your community that has a low physical fitness level, who would benefit from our free services then please call our main number 0333 005 0095 and one of our team will book you in for an initial assessment to discuss which free option is right for you.


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