Health for teens

Health for Teens introduces a new and different way for young people aged 11-19 to learn about their health.  This website is a previous winner of the Association for Healthcare Communications and Marketing (AHCM) ‘Best Website’ award.


This website features bite-sized information on a comprehensive range of physical and emotional health topics for teenagers, including healthy eating, body image, managing stress, advice on relationships, puberty, sexuality and much more.  Movie clips and quizzes make the site engaging and interactive, and young people are able to share content easily with their peers via social media.


This website is primarily a health promotion website, covering subjects that promote a healthy body and mind. Links are provided to further information if needed.  Users can also find out about accessing support from local services.  This website is not about managing serious illnesses, for which more specialist websites already exist, but we’ve signposted to them where they are applicable.

Clinical experts

All content has been produced by school nurses, a whole range of other health and wellbeing experts, and most importantly young people.  School nurses are always supporting young people to stay happy and healthy.  Find out here how to contact a school nurse.


This website is delivered in partnership between NHS providers across the UK including; Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Hertfordshire Community Trust, Nottinghamshire County Council & Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust, Coventry School Nursing, Solihull School Nursing and Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.  Each of the partners has a local area section on the website which includes local information.  To receive an information pack about how you can have your local information on this website, please contact us.

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