Healthwatch Staffordshire public zoom meetings suspended for the rest of this week!

We are sorry to advise that we have suspended the public zoom meetings that had been planned for the rest of this week.  This is been caused by excessive trolling of these meetings, whereby individuals and groups have sought to disrupt the meetings.  It is extremely unfortunate, as this affects the genuine people who have joined us to talk to Healthwatch about health and social care. 

Our intention is always to be available to people and feedback has been positive from people who have joined for genuine reasons, but the trolling disrupts and detracts from the purpose of the meetings and can be upsetting for people who have come to discuss what matters most to them.

We are, in the coming days, going to review this and hope that we will be able to set up some further themed meetings, although we will not be openly advertising the zoom joining details, rather we will hope that people will advise us of their wish to join a meeting and the zoom details will be sent individually to people wishing to attend. 

This should reduce the potential for groups or individuals to spoil the events.

If you run a group or organisation and would like a member of the Healthwatch team to join you at one of your planned meetings, or would like us to host a zoom meeting for members of your group, please let us know and we can arrange this with you.

We, of course, are still available for people to share their experience or for people to seek information and advice and we can be contacted either by email or freephone telephone as details below.


Freephone:  0800 051 8371

Again, please accept our apologies and if you had planned to attend a meeting this week, please pick up the phone or send us an email.

We are aware that some people share our information with their groups and networks, so please share this news with your contacts.

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