Phlebotomy service (blood tests) to run from Samuel Johnson Community Hospital, Lichfield instead or Sir Robert Peel Hospital

From Monday 6 April 2020, phlebotomy (blood test) clinics will be running from Samuel Johnson Community Hospital and not at Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital, as before.

The walk-in bloods clinics will now be held in the Samuel Johnson outpatients department, with outpatients at Sir Robert Peel instead being used as additional capacity for GPs to treat patients in the community.

Opening hours for walk-in bloods at Samuel Johnson outpatients are the same as at Sir Robert Peel, although the department at our community hospital in Lichfield will also be open on Fridays for patients to have their bloods taken.

Opening times for Samuel Johnson’s outpatients department can be found below:

  • Tuesdays: 8.30am-12pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm
  • Wednesdays: 8.30am-12pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm
  • Thursdays: 1.30pm-4.30pm
  • Fridays: 8.30am-12pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm

4 Responses to “Phlebotomy service (blood tests) to run from Samuel Johnson Community Hospital, Lichfield instead or Sir Robert Peel Hospital”

  1. Karen helden

    Do I need to make an appointment for a blood test ? Or is it still walk in ?

  2. Wilfred John Chatwin

    why is there a phlebotomy department at Samuel Johnson which is 400 yards from my house when I have to book on line and go to Burton or Atherstone?
    Also how does someone who is older than eighteen and not computer trained make sense of the on line booking system.
    When I booked in at Burton and visited today there were more staff than patients and because I hadn’t clicked ‘change’?? to confirm my booking I was refused a two minute blood test as they were too busy!!!
    I am 79 with rheumatoid arthritis and need monthly blood tests. Am I surplus to requirements due to my age?
    This system does not work.

    • Karren

      Hi Wilfred

      Sorry to hear about the difficulties you had when attending for a blood test at Samuel Johnson.
      I hope you have managed to organise another test now but if you want us to look into this further or require support then please call us on 0800 051 8371.

      Kindest Regards


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