Problems with your Hearing? New self-referral for Audiology services.


The Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Integrated Care Board (ICB) has told us that you can now self-refer for audiology services:

“The audiology self-referral service is now live across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. This means that eligible patients can now choose to self-refer to NHS hearing services, as opposed to having to go through their GP. For eligible patients, this will reduce the time taken to get a referral and reduce the frustration that some people are facing when trying to contact their practice. From a practice point of view, this will hopefully reduce the pressure and demand coming through for non-complex issues. Some people with more serious hearing issues may still need to go through their GP, to ensure there isn’t another underlying issue. However, many will be able to avoid a GP visit.”

In order to check whether you are eligible, you should complete this online form (or this print-friendly version), which asks about your issue. From your responses, it indicates whether you are eligible to self-refer. If you are, you then need to simply contact whichever provider you’d prefer to go to and arrange an appointment.  Visit this webpage for advice about problems with your ears when you should still visit your GP.




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