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Healthwatch Staffordshire is the independent local champion for health and social care services in Staffordshire. Part of our role is to understand the experiences of people who are using the services and to give people an opportunity to speak up and have their voices heard.

On this occasion, we are interested in hearing from Staffordshire residents about accessing Primary Care services. This survey is a follow up to HWS original Primary Care survey published at the end of last year where we asked for Staffordshire residents experiences of accessing and using Primary Care services during the coronavirus pandemic. An online survey was distributed which provided respondents with a list
of services typically offered by Staffordshire primary care services, respondents were asked to rate how important they thought these services were. They were also asked if they would like to see any additional services offered in Staffordshire.

Your feedback is collected anonymously and will be used to create a report that we will share with hospital providers to seek to minimise future impact plus publishing it on our website and sharing with others such as NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Trusts, and Local Authorities etc.

The survey is available to complete digitally or you can ask one of our Community Outreach Team for a paper copy.

Complete survey here

This survey is open to all Staffordshire residents.

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