Staff volunteer during Coronavirus pandemic.


Cat Wetton Community Outreach lead

Cat, our Community Outreach Lead, also volunteers for Girl Guiding. She is a Rainbows Leader and an assistant leader at Brownies. Since lockdown Brownies has moved to a virtual setting. Indeed, 15th Stafford Brownies was one of the first units to embrace the new way of meeting. It made such an impact on Staffordshire Girl Guiding that they were featured in an article:

Picture of Brown Owl’s point of view, doing a craft making a cat out of odd socks with the brownies. Picture shared with permission of Brown Owl, Jane Brookes.

Picture shared with permission of Lucy Hegarty of her daughter Orla, enjoying the online meeting while in uniform.


Cat, whose daughter is one of the Brownies who takes part, told us;

“It’s made a massive difference to the girls and the leaders. Some of the girls, like mine, don’t have any siblings, so being able to see their friends online once a week makes a huge difference to their mental health. It also helps them have a reference point in the week as to what day it is.

Rainbows and Brownies helps the girls forge friendships outside of school. During lockdown, many of the girls have been feeling isolated and lonely. Having this to bring them together, to do experiments, make crafts and have fun together has been incredibly important to them. My own daughter benefits hugely and it’s great to see her having so much fun.

It also helps the leaders; we miss the girls when the units aren’t meeting, and seeing their smiles, hearing their laughter, helps us too. The fun side is beneficial to our mental health! These friendships are incredibly important, it helps them socialise while being able to socially distance, and many will keep the friendships up outside of Girl Guiding. I’m still close friends with someone I met in Brownies nearly 40 years ago!

Cat is also assisting the Dementia Outreach service and the Dementia Outreach Manager wrote: 

“I wanted  to express my thanks for  the amazing help  I always get from Catherine.

She has been an enormous source of support to me throughout, and  is always there to offer her positive and enthusiastic contribution.

I work alone in managing a service and it is  great to be able to  speak with and meet up with her at various meetings and events,

I  would  love for   her interest in supporting people with vulnerabilities to be  recognised as I feel she is so passionate, and has a willing attitude to help.

This is to me Partnership working at its best.”


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