Warning issued to act now as South Staffordshire cases rise rapidly


People in South Staffordshire are being strongly urged to stick to the COVID-19 guidance, after a sharp rise in the district. 

Since September 1, around 200 people have tested positive for the virus and cases are continuing to rise. 

There has been no one single source of infection as transmissions have been identified within and between households, care homes, schools and businesses. 

There are no additional restrictions being advised at this stage, but leaders say everyone must re-double their efforts to protect the most vulnerable and avoid additional Government restrictions already affecting places like Wolverhampton and Birmingham. 

To bring the rate of cases down people are being urged to strictly follow the national rules and do what they can in their local communities to help reduce the spread of infection. 

Additonal testing is being made available to try and identify people who may have been infected. 

Dr Johnny McMahon, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing, said: “Cases in South Staffordshire are rising and unless people act now there is a risk of the government stepping in with additional restrictions.”

“If COVID-19 cases continue to rise, there is a huge increased risk to peoples health and livelihoods. By working together, we have a great opportunity to not let the situation get out of control.”

Rita Heseltine, Assistant Cabinet Member Regulatory Services, South Staffordshire District Council, added: “South Staffordshire is known for its fantastic community spirit and I have no doubt that people here will rise to this challenge and do everything they can to protect their family, friends and neighbours.”

“By really pulling together and following the rules, we have the chance to turn this situation around and help protect the people we care about. Residents are also urged to respond to contact from NHS Test and Trace.”

People can find out more information and advice at


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