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Brewood Surgery

Rated by Anonymous
10th August 2021

been humiliated, heartbroken, neglected

went to have my blood tests done, and because I am not able to wear a face-covering I was asked to wait outside, also disregarding the fact that my left foot is in a cast boot due to a broken toe, I also made her aware that I have a medical exemption signed by one of their practitioners. the nurse attends to me outside and suggested that because I cannot wear a face-covering im not allowed in the practice so she will do my blood tests done on the wooden half-rotten bench outside of the building, as she claimed that she did that to hundreds of people and its fine, facing the car park. I have refused as I don't deem this as hygenic at all for that sort of procedure. later the manager attended and explained the same as due to their policy all patients must wear a mask to be allowed to attend the practice and to be seen. completely disregarded my needs as a patient and refused to treat me fairly and with respect and dignity... absolutely heartbroken and humiliated.