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Queens Hospital

Rated by Teresa Devitt
31st May 2020

Dreadful A&E department

My father was sent there by doctor after calling 111. We were advised to take him ourselves immediately if possible or an ambulance could be called we chose to take him ourselves. On arrival dad was assessed by a nurse whose manner was very discourteous she shouted at him and asked him why he had come to A&E and said it was not an emergency even though a doctor had advised him to go. She said that a doctor would not have sent him and would have called an ambulance she did not believe that we were advised to bring him straightaway ourselves. Eventually she agreed to let him be seen and this resulted in him being admitted to a ward for tests. She was very rude and said that he was at hospital due to a social matter regarding the fact that he was frail and suffering from Parkinson’s. This is an elderly poorly man who presented with excruciating stomach pains and just because he didn’t have the pain whilst he saw her she felt that she could dismiss him and not believe a word we were saying even though 111 said he should present at hospital her words were “111 always send patients here when they shouldn’t”. What gives her the right to speak to patients like that and to try to overrule a doctor.

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