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Queens Hospital

Rated by Iwona Szmyt
22nd December 2021

Staff doesn't care about the patient

On Sat 18th Dec I have broken my arm - 2 bones and I was at Burton Hospital A&E department.
First I was asking several times if the staff would let my daughter to come with me as my English is not perfect and my daughter would explain everything much better than me. I was ignored few times and they were saying that they don't need to know anything else about my accident and my health condition. It was very frustrating as I was worried that I may not understand exactly everything and I was vey concerned about my arm as it was very painful. She was allowed to come after me protesting that I'm not going to say anything and no one is allowed to touch me without her.
Second thing is that I haven't been given is suitable painkillers for my condition. I supposed to get an injection to manipulate my arm and I was given just N2O gas. No one really cared that I was screaming and crying because the pain. I wasn't feeling safe at all. Next thing - the plaster was put onto my arm completely wrong and the next day my arm was so swollen that there was no space in the plaster. My arm was squished in there. I have called 111 as I wasn't sure what to do and they said I have to go to a&e again. The nurse who was making the new plaster couldn't believe how badly it was put.
Also no one told me on Saturday that I should take paracetamol together with codeine.
I'm afraid to go to this hospital and I have no trust to the doctors and nurses except the one who helped me on Sunday with new plaster.
On Monday fracture clinic called me and they had to put another plaster on my arm and manipulate it further, so I have spent 3 days in agony as the first time they have put the plaster wrong and it made the pain worse as they didn't care about me at all.
At fracture clinic they have informed me that I should be given the injection with the painkiller rather than the gas in the first place.
I feel very disappointed, I'm a hairdresser and my arms are very important for me. I'm scared to go for any check up to this hospital again. And my check up is 29.12.2021.

I would like some compensation for all the extra pain I experienced they have caused with the wrong plaster application. My hand was very badly positioned in the plaster and it could cause other complications. Also their attitude and whole experience didn't give me any feeling of being safe and that they will take a good care of me.

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