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Queens Hospital

Rated by Anonymous
3rd February 2022

ignored and now its too late!

Having been through the cardiology department, some test were done 2017. My symptoms got much worse with 5 admissions to A&E over 18 months the first identifying heart failure. Throughout this the cardiologist did nothing citing nothing would have changed much since 2017. Fast forward to 2022 and now it's too late my heart function has reduced so much there is nothing they can do. One clinic letter never writtendespite me phoning numerous times and PALS unable to secure it (what is the point of PALS). Now too much time has passed for it to be written. Saw another cardiologist at Derby who coincidentally works with the Burton one - predictable outcome. Not even offered referral to heart failure clinic or palliative care team. Left to get on with as best I can. Spoke to medical director and hes supposed to be phoning me back but hasn't. Apparantely the cardiologist at Burton is a law unto himself. The person identified as his secretary is no such thing. Just what do I have to do to get the NHS to provide a modicum of basic duty of care.

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