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St George's Hospital

Rated by Anonymous
29th August 2020

Not given right medication

I had been under neuropyschiatric se rvices which MPFT dont have. Stayed well for 12 years then discharged. I soon became very unwell and needed to go back on medication.the MPFT couldnt get a doctor registered to prescribe medication. i kept saying from end of feb I needed to go back on it. The soonest they could get me to see a doctor was 14th march. By that time I hadnt slept for a fortnight. I was getting in a really bad way. I went into hospital as a voluntary patient. They then put me on s3. And forcibly held me down and gave me other drugs that made me worse in the end they sent me off to cygnet coventry which is now shut as it was found to be unsafe with patients dying and staff failings. . I should have just been able to get back on my medication.. It didnt happen until family got hospital records from 2005 up to 2016.. The records letters and reports explained in detail what condition I had and what treatment worked. I ended up spending nine months between cygnet and St Georges. They wouldnt let my family be treated the same as other hospital visitors and I was never allowed to be alone with them at any time. were made to feel very uncomfotable it was really traumatising as my mum and dad were not allowed to see me. It took a lot longer and they also gave me drugs I had in the past that had given me bad side affects. Also gave me another drug that made me sick. I just wanted to get out of there. They werent going to let me go as tribunal hearing report said I shouldnt be discharged.. My nearest relative was making complaints and they tried to displace her.. With family input I was dischsrged 13th november 2017.

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