Thank you’s

A round up of what people want to say thank you for during the coronavirus pandemic

Who do you want to say thank you to, send us your messages and photos by emailing:

I would like to send a huge thank you to all the staff of University Hospitals of North Midlands and in particular to the Accident and Emergency team, the Neurosurgeons and the whole team on Ward 228 at Royal Stoke hospital.

On Friday, my father was admitted as an emergency, which is extremely worrying, let alone when we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  He was by himself as there is no visiting and I was just on the other end of the telephone, but he received great care and support from the time he arrived.

Investigations were made and I was told that he had a blood clot on his brain that that they would be operating that night and did I want to be called in the middle of the night for news – absolutely, I wanted to be called, whatever time, to have an update on my dad.  I received a call at around 2 a.m. to tell me that the operation had been done, that it had been successful and that dad was doing just fine – the weakness on his right hand side was already beginning to resolve itself.  Thank goodness for the skill of the surgeons and the care given by a large team of staff.  I was reassured that he was in the best possible place and receiving the best possible care. 

When I called in the morning, I was given an update on dad, still doing fine and they gave me an idea of what would happen next and when potentially he may be discharged.  They made arrangements with me to take in dads things that he may need during his stay, including his mobile phone so he could have direct contact with me and the family and they also told me that they have an Ipad and we may be able to Facetime or Skype.  I found the ward staff to be really helpful and informative.

After gathering what I thought Dad may need, including books and magazines to keep him occupied, I dropped this off as arranged.  I was again reassured that staff had all the appropriate PPE equipment and that keeping people safe was a very high priority.

I had no sooner walked back to my car, free parking at the moment which saves a lot of hassle, thank you, then dad called me.  He was sounding good, remarkable for having had neurosurgery twelve hours earlier.

Dad made great progress and was able to be up out of bed on Sunday morning, we were able to keep in touch with him and it was extraordinary that he appeared to have suffered no consequential impairment.

I was able to collect dad from hospital at 6 p.m. on Monday and take him home.  After a couple of good nights rest in his own bed, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had a dressing on his head, it would be hard to guess that anything had happened.  The clips from the surgery come out tomorrow and life will be back to normal, as normal as it can be during the pandemic.

They have kept telling us that the NHS is “open for business” for those who need urgent medical care.  This experience tells me that, indeed it is, and it is providing high quality care for those in need.

Thank you again, you’ve been brilliant and I cannot thank you enough.”  Carol, Staffordshire


“I’d like to say thank you to all the NHS staff such as physios, OTs, dieticians SLTs who are putting their usual work to one side and taking on new roles to support vulnerable people in hospitals and the community.” Sally, Yarnfield


“I come in to the category if people who have underlying health issues that means I am locked in for twelve weeks.  We have brilliant and kind neighbours who help out with shopping and other matters and others who ring us to check we are well and safe.”  Robin, Burton-on-Trent


“ A shout out to my dear friend Pauline from Trentham. As well as leading a busy life as headteacher at a College in Walsall, she juggles domestic duties for her beautiful family and still finds time to help in the community too.  Amongst the many she helps is my lovely Mum in Stone. Pauline is a regular visitor and helps Mum in all sorts of ways. Not only does she regularly message and do errands for Mum but she keeps me in the loop; being thousands of miles away this kindness is a perfect example of physical distancing not being the same as social distancing. Cheers Pauline; you are an absolute gem!” Debs, Abu Dhabi

A big thank you to the NHS seen in Standon

A thank you from Mansion House Surgery, Stone


A big thank you from Fulford Parish Council