Outreach Project for Alzheimer’s Society and MIND in South Staffordshire

We have recently been contacted by Caitlin Hutchinson who is working on an Outreach Project in South Staffordshire with Mind and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Here is the poster to get help:

This is what Caitlin has told us about the project:

I am currently working on an outreach service started by the Alzheimer’s Society in partnership with Burton and District MIND aims to achieve the following outcomes within the community:

  • Support individuals with memory concerns who are not already known to MPFT from a range of under-represented groups
  • Provide support by identifying the barrier to access and address any concerns or issues raised by educating the public on the pathways that are available.
  • Support Individuals to engage with their health checks in whatever way is most suited to their needs (We are happy to do home visits)
  • Reduce health inequalities and exclusion by improving accessibility to dementia diagnostic clinics or older adults with SMI
  • Prevent, reduce or delay the need for long-term care by reaching these communities before it gets to crisis point

All of our services are free both for the individuals that are being referred and any time/ support given to colleagues that can benefit from our involvement in any way. I am more than happy to organise sessions where we will come to you to deliver staff training on mental health/ dementia or talks for members of the public to hear more about what is offered through regular information sessions or even just a one off drop in. I would love to raise awareness of the service we offer in a variety of environments and would be more than happy to give back to the community in any way we can so, I am also open to peoples suggestions for how we can help each other. On top of that, I have also attached a copy of our service leaflet that allows members of the public to get in touch with us directly.

If there is any other questions I can answer, I am happy for people to get in touch and I look forward to hearing back soon.

Many thanks,

Caitlin Hutchinson

Community Development Co-ordinator

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