Decision Making Policy & Procedure

We have a Decision-Making Policy & Procedure as part of Healthwatch Staffordshire’s (HWS) approach to good governance as it is essential that there are in place clear, effective, transparent decision-making processes. This policy will provides clarity of where and what decisions are taken, by whom and whose responsibility it is to action. This includes ensuring key strategic decisions are evidenced based, transparent and lead to real outcomes. All HWS Advisory Board members and the staff that support them are required to undergoing regular training on how to discharge their decision-making functions.

Decision Making Policy & Procedure

Decision Making Guidance – Easy Read

Every Healthwatch group must have rules about how they make certain decisions. This Easy Guide tells you how Healthwatch makes certain decisions.

This Easy Read Information explains:

  • which decisions are covered in the rules
  • who can make these decisions
  • how the decisions should be made
  • how we check we are being fair to everyone.

Decision Making Guidance – Easy Read

Declaration of Interests and Conflict of Interest Policy

 This policy applies to all people who are active HAB (Healthwatch Advisory Board) members of Healthwatch Staffordshire. It aims to ensure that there is transparency within the Healthwatch and that Healthwatch can demonstrate to the local community that Healthwatch is not unduly influenced by people with undeclared interests in health and social care services.

Declaration of Interests and Conflict of Interest Policy

How to make a complaint

 Our complaints process outlines how to make a complaint about us and our approach to making sure complaints are resolved.

We aim to provide the best possible service, but we do not always get it right.

We welcome your feedback to help us improve our work and to make sure we are responding to your concerns as best we can.

We are committed to addressing concerns quickly and giving a full, fair, and appropriate response.

Our complaints policy provides more information on our approach and process to resolving complaints about our work.

Complaints Policy


If you need our policy in a different format, please email enquiries@healthwatchstaffordshire.co.uk or telephone 0800 051 8371.

Healthwatch Staffordshire Decision Making Guidance

Healthwatch Staffordshire Decision Making Policy and Procedure (Easy read)

Healthwatch Staffordshire Declaration of Interests and Conflict of Interest Policy

Healthwatch Staffordshire Complaints Procedure